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ENGLISH – We need help to build our Clinic !

Tess Unlimited is a non-profit organization that operates in the country Guatemala treating patients with cleft lip and palate.

Since 2008, Tess Unlimited has helped over 1500 Guatemalan children from indigenous Maya families in very rural areas suffering from cleft lips and palates. This medical condition is a congenital deformity of a child’s face manifested by an opening in the lip and roof of the mouth. Most of our patients are indigenous and from rural villages. The life of a child with this facial deformity is extremely difficult as they are more prone to illnesses due to a lack of hygiene in poor communities and risk severe malnutrition. Education, mental health, and social concerns play a part as children often feel stigmatized. Cleft issues can cause speech impediments, which in turn, make children feel isolated and extremely dependent on their families and peers. They also face possible rejection by their parents, family, and community, and are not likely to attend school or obtain a job. In addition, there are challenges to make friends or create meaningful relationships.

We provide pre-operative nutrition to ensure that the children are healthy and ready for their surgeries. We have screened and selected a variety of foreign medical/surgical NGO (non-governmental organizations).  Using our criteria for quality of care and operative results, Tess Unlimited has brought relief to numerous children in Guatemala. Finally, we provide a unique postoperative follow-up, ensuring a continuous and comprehensive care for every child.

Why we want to build a Cleft Lip Clinic

Due to increased awareness of our work, we are currently experiencing a growing waiting list of patients (+/- 500 patients). At this rate of growth our current system will leave an increased number of patients in need of care.

There is not sufficient availability at local hospitals, and the hygiene and quality standards are below acceptable standards. In addition, we must pay significant fees for access to utilize hospital facilities.

There are few hospital facilities available for our medical missions, so we must use ones in isolated areas, with insufficient staff housing options and complicated logistics to coordinate patient and medical team transport.

In Guatemala, there are no facilities dedicated to cleft lip and palate patients (only expensive private clinics), and there is a lack of qualified cleft surgeons.

What do we have

Tess Unlimited owns an existing building and land. The current facility is a multi-purpose facility for speech therapy, milk-training program, and administrative functions. Our current vision is to convert this property into a fully functional surgical clinic with 2 operating rooms, 1 PACU (post anaesthesia care unit), 3 wards,  1 sterilisation area, 1 pharmacy, 1 storage room and 1 office.

Ways to donate!

The renovation costs are a total of: € 105.000 / $ 125.000.

The money for the complete inventory of the clinic is already raised!

Please help us to raise the money for renovation and let´s help even more children!


- We need bricks for the renovation of the current building! Please consider to donate 1, 100, 1000 or more bricks! One brick has a cost of € 1 / $ 1,25

Square meter!

- You can also sponsor 1 m2 which has a total cost of € 320,- / $ 380,-

OR (operating room) in your name!

You can also consider to donate one of the OR´s and name this to yourself, your company or in somebody else his/her name. We will locate a sign above the OR that you sponsored!

- To built 1 OR has a costs of € 10.000 / $ 12.500

If you have more questions or you would like to receive our business plan send us an email or visit our website

Thank you very much!

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