Volunteer Package.

We do not ask you for a participation fee, reservation costs, intermediation costs or ‘project costs’. We do make it mandatory to stay in one of Tess’ host families if you want to stay with a family during your stay. You can also choose to stay in a hostel, hotel or rent your own apartment, but you will have to arrange this for yourself. If you do not or barely speak Spanish, we want you to book the volunteer package deal. This deal costs $ 450,- and includes:

• 10 hours of Spanish class through Skype, before departure.
• Shuttle service from the airport to your host family.
• 40 hours of private lessons Spanish here in Guatemala.
• Study material, a notebook and a pen for your Spanish lessons.
• Tea or coffee and a treat during your lessons.
• A free Cookbook made by our kids
• Use of a mobile phone use during your stay.
• English speaking contact point.
• Certificate for your Spanish course and volunteer work.

For those who already speak sufficient Spanish, we will gladly make up a new formula without the Spanish lessons.

Host families.

Tess Unlimited personally selected the host families. Here you can put your Spanish into practice and get a taste of the culture and the rich culinary traditions. Your host mother will provide you with three meals a day, except for Sundays. You will have your own room, which will be cleaned.

San Gaspar: A small ‘hamlet’ about 3 km. outside of Antigua, counting 600 inhabitants. The majority of the families in this hamlet live in one room apartments, build with sun dried tiles of clay or mud with straw, wood or bamboo. The roofs are usually made of lamina and the floors of clay.The kitchen are not much more than a hot plate outside on the ground.
The women’s main activity is working on their small plots of land, raising chickens, making textiles and handicrafts. Those who do not own their own plots of land, work as day laborer or hired hands on the bigger farms in the area or as maid. Most women are ‘uneducated’ in the western sense of the word and are illiterate (and cannot read or write) Here you will not find any tourists and will get to experience the real Guatemala.

A host family in San Gaspar will cost you Q600, – per week (about $ 68,-) which you will pay directly to your family, without interference of Tess Unlimited.