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BLOG: Interview mother of Enderson from Huehuetenango


We did an interview with Senovia Perez, she is 39 years old and married with her husband Jose, he is 46 years old. Senovia has 7 children in total, 6 are alive and 1 died, she got her first child when she was 20 years old. Her oldest son is 19 years old and her youngest is 8 months.

Her story .... 

My youngest son Enderson is 8 months old and is the only one of all my children born with a cleft lip and palate. In my husband’s family is a niece born with a cleft lip, but she is 19 years old and had all her surgeries.

When Enderson got born I was very shocked about his lip. My husband and I cried a lot, but we accepted him the way he is. I believe he is a special gift from God. I only did see my niece with a cleft lip never other children. When people from our village found out Enderson was born with a cleft lip they told us to kill him, because he will never be a normal child. I was very upset by that because I love my child, I will never kill him.


We did not know what to do, I had no idea where to go to help Enderson. After about two weeks we went to the nearest health center, about 1,5 hour by bus. In the health center they told me about Tess Unlimited. I was so happy to hear that my Enderson was going to get help.

I could not breastfeed Enderson and money for milk powder we did not have soIMG_6029 he was losing weight. I was very worried because he was already so tiny but got tinier and tinier. When Enderson was 4 weeks old we had our first appointment with Tess Unlimited in Huehuetenango. They checked Enderson and gave me milk and a special bottle. I was so happy for this help!

After 5 months in the milk program Enderson got his surgery! Enderson still has to come for his checks every month until he gets his palate done.

We do not want to have more children, that’s why I had surgery.


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